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The Company SIR, Società Italiana Resistor, is an independent Italian company that operates in the Italian and European Market since 1970.
SIR produces fixed and variable power resistors in most of the existing technologies and it is known both for its innovative design and for its qualified production.
The Distributors network of SIR is a reliable partner to meet the customers inquiry all over the world.
The company operates in the Automotive, Industrial, Instrumentation, Medical and Railways markets.
SIR supply resistors for fan speed control to the automotive industry, resistors for snubber circuits, for crowbar and inverter to the traction industry and in power generation, and breaking resistors for high power drives.
The range of characteristics offered from SIR resistors includes low inductance, high breakdown voltage, high operating voltage, suitability to high-energy impulses and designs for cooling in free air, forced air or water-cooling.
SIR offers full engineering support for all products and will provide additional design and application information if requested.
Moreover SIR wants always to maintain an optimal relationship with the customers through a close contact with their technical services to ensure the products are designed for the exact application.
The supplied broad range of resistive components is the result of the creative flexibility engaged from SIR to satisfy the requirements of its customers.
The success of SIR is built on quality.
All the products are controlled before the despatching and the final test is the last of the numerous test points that follow the production step by step.
The criterion for the choice of raw materials draws inspiration from the quality and the suitability to their application and not from the cost.
Our controls of process and our tests on raw materials warrant the confidence of quality of SIR resi-stors.

Общая информация

Год основания 1969
CF (Codice Fiscale) 00313980120
Registration No. VARESE 111343
Уставной капитал 26 000 EUR
Тип компании Главный офис
НДС IT00313980120
Факс +39 0331 504565
Сайт http://www.sirresistor.it


Регионы: Центральная/Восточная Европа, Западная Европа

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    От 10 до 19 сотрудников


  • 2016

    2 - 5 млн. EUR

  • 2015

    2 - 5 млн. EUR

  • 2014

    2 - 5 млн. EUR

  • 2013

    2 - 5 млн. EUR

  • 2012

    2 - 5 млн. EUR

Руководство S.I.R.


sig. Mauro Pellegatta

Главный исполнительный директор (AMMINISTRATORE)

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ATECO (IT 2007) :
NACE Rev.2 (EU 2008) :
Manufacture of other electrical equipment (2790)
SIC (US 1987) :
Manufacture of other electrical equipment (2790)



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