Fiberglass Materials

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Опубликовано: 21 января 2022 г.

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Южная Корея

Greetings from Al Mazrooei Boats! We have the list of materials needed to purchase in your company. Would you able if you can help us to know the quantity in each materials to fill the 40ft container shipping here in Dubai, United Arab Emirates -PVC FOAM M060 - 12 X 1150 X 1- Scrim -CSM E-GLASS EMULSION 450GSM -LTM 600/225 CSM 0/90 BIAX - METYX -WOVEN ROVING E-GLASS 600GSM -CSM E-GLASS EMULSION 300GSM -CSM E-GLASS Emulsion 600GSM -CORE MAT 3 MM 50MTRS Appreciate your feedback. Thank you and Regards

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